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Trim your word count quickly, with a human touch.

Crowdsourced micro-editing makes your writing tighter, pithier, clearer, and likelier to be published and read. Smarter than AI bots, quicker and budget-friendlier than hiring a professional editor. It's affordable, safe, effective, and fast!

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The Swarm vs. Traditional Editors

Editors reduce your word count by erasing characters, deleting scenes, and chopping entire story arcs. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it alters your content. Sometimes what you need is to go through your manuscript word by word with a pair of tweezers. For that, you need the Swarm.

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The Swarm vs. Bots

Why not use AI? Because writing is all about conveying meaning to fellow humans. Great writers can get into their audience's heads and really think like their readers — something computers definitely can't do yet. Computers can't visualize a scene or infer real-world context — so they can't tell you what details are superfluous, what descriptions redundant. Maybe they will soon, but for now there's no substitute for the human mind.

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Every writer's worst nightmare is seeing your story stolen. With EditSwarm, no single pair of human eyes ever sees your whole manuscript. Micro-editors only read two- or three-sentence excerpts, so they glean only the vaguest general notion of your novel.


The Swarm gives you advice, but it's your decision to take it or leave it. The Swarm is anonymous and impersonal — no contractual obligations, no exclusivity clause, no sometimes-contentious writer-editor relationship drama.


The Swarm consists of avid readers of works like yours! Per popular demand, EditSwarm will soon let you send a publication announcement to interested micro-editors — so, when your title hits shelves, you'll already have a waiting readership!


Give your manuscript to an editor, and you won't hear back for weeks. With micro-editing, you'll typically see results within a few hours. You can integrate the suggestions and run another iteration right away, so your creative process isn't bottlenecked while you're awaiting feedback.


Editing is more art than science. A content editor will make your manuscript "better", but "better" means different things to different people. The Swarm's task is much more well-defined: reduce your word count without changing your story. This takes away the guesswork of wondering whether or not you're getting your money's worth.


A freelance content editor can cost you an average $7.50 per page — more if they have extensive credentials. EditSwarm's prices are closer to just $1/page. Prices may vary based on Swarm incentives, but you can count on reliable service that won't break your bank.

Who uses EditSwarm?


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Editors & Agents

It's up to you to make your story told. But we can help your story be heard.

We give you first-impression feedback from real human readers. We'll cut your text up into snippets and present them randomly to anonymous readers. They'll give you advice to make your prose sharper, cleaner, and more engaging. And some of them might even be intrigued enough to buy your book when it comes out!

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